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Top 3 Hosting Providers

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Rank Best Hosting Hosting Features Coupon Links

# 1

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Transfer
Visit HostMonster $3.95/mo

# 2

Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Visit BlueHost $3.95/mo

# 3

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer
Visit FastDomain $3.95/mo
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HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Discount Link

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HostMonster has been a web hosting service provider to personal websites and tons of business websites since 1996. They offer their online hosting packages and plans to individuals and businesses at a lower cost. And, with the HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month the cost gets even smaller (just a fraction of the market rate). Anyone getting started with web hosting can take advantage of this great deal to achieve a low-cost initial start-up.

HostMonster prides about the following;

  • Excellent customer service
  • Guaranteed maximum uptime
  • Quality equipment
  • Reliable and functional administrative tools
  • Honest and solid business practices
  • Secure backups

HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month

If you are on this page, you’ve been probably searching for vital information on HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month. You are exactly on the right webpage. HostMonster is consistently offering freebies, promos, discount code and coupons to further lower the cost of their web hosting services without altering the quality. If you were to pay fully for the web hosting plan, it will cost $6.95 per month, which will add up to tons of dollars yearly. But, right now, you can only pay a fraction of the original cost by taking advantage of the nearly 50% discount offer.

Let’s look at it in this dimension; if you are running a 24-month plan with the original $6.95 per month price, you will end up paying a bulk sum of $166.8. On the contrary, if you leverage the $3.95 per month discount, you will pay about a fraction of this bulk amount and save tons of dollars.

Essential Things You Should Know about the HostMonter Discount Coupon

  • The coupon is not the printable type. You can only take advantage of the HostMonster discount coupon code by clicking on the link.
  • When you sign up for HostMonster web hosting services to leverage the discount coupon, you don’t need to copy and paste anything since the coupon does not come in form of a secret code that you can copy and paste.
  • HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month is simply a special link that you can simply click to activate and use. Once it is activated, the discount would reflect on your web hosting purchase cost.
  • If you do not click on the link, you will be charged for the full price of HostMonster web hosting services and no discount would be applicable.
  • When you click on the HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month from the webpage you are, you will be automatically redirected to HostMonster homepage for the activation and application of the coupon.
  • You will still enjoy tons of unlimited features such as disk storage space, bandwidth and email accounts even with the discount.
  • The Hostmonster $3.95 discount applies to different HostMonster web hosting packages.
  • The $3.95 discount is applicable to the shared hosting plan, it does not cover the pro plan.

Two Top Reasons Why You May Opt for Host Monster

Among other top reasons for leveraging HostMonster to achieve quality web hosting, these two reasons are also essential;

1.     Tons of Unlimited Features

When you consider the fact that tons of other web hosts may not offer certain unlimited features, you would certainly jump at the various unlimited features that HostMonster is offering for just a fraction of the original hosting price. A few among the unlimited features include the following;

  • Unlimited websites hosting; you can host tons of websites on a single web hosting account without incurring extra cost. Besides, you would be able to manage the sites effectively from the single spot using Hostmonster higher version control panel. This will save you tons of dollars and extreme difficulties which you would have experienced by hosting your multiple websites on different web hosting platforms.
  • Unlimited Storage Space; there is no limit to the amount of data you can receive and process on your website when taking advantage of either the full hosting price or the discount offer from Hostmonster. So, if you intend to set up an ecommerce website, you will have more than enough space to handle the bulk of data inflow and processing involved, including the online marketing materials that would be embedded onto the site (e.g. video, marketing graphics etc.).
  • Unlimited Bandwidth; you will also enjoy this feature at no extra cost. It is extremely helpful when large data and intense use is involved – e.g. an ecommerce website.

 2.     Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Just like its sister web hosting company (BlueHost), Hostmonster offers superb customer support round-the-clock at no extra cost, even if you are only paying a fraction of the original price. Some users have compared HostMonster’s customer support with that of big software companies and have concluded that HostMonster is simply outstanding in terms of hold-time, as well as perfect communication in English language. These users have also given thumbs-up to Hostmonster when it comes to resolving technical issues via the customer support medium.

HostMonster coupon $3.95 per month has tons of other benefits to offer.

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